Deer Valley Henrietta 3278

Deer Valley Henrietta 3278
Birth Date: 2-13-2013
Cow +17543595

Henrietta 3278 is a low-birth and RE female sired by the outcross sire Impression and produced by the $100,000 valued Deer Valley Farm and Spruce Mountain Ranch donor, Henrietta Pride 639T.

The dam of Lot 12 is a prolific donor in the joint embryo programs of Deer Valley and Spruce Mountain and is a full sister to the $3.5 million producer, Henrietta Pride 643T in the Deer Valley Farm, Express Ranches and Pollard Farms joint embryo programs and the growth and CW leader, Upward. The dam of Lot 12 records a WR 2@109 and a YR 1@104 while showing an ultrasound REA ratio 47@102 with 20 daughters maintaining a combined WR 34@101.

Maternal sisters to Lot 12 include: Henrietta 1614, the $60,000 valued half interest selection of Weiker Angus in the 2015 Deer Valley Sale; Henrietta 1826, the second-generation donor in the Spruce Mountain program; Henrietta 51107, the $20,000 selection of Dixie Farms in the 2015 Deer Valley Sale; Henrietta 2212 selling to Lawson Family Farms for $14,000 in the 2012 Deer Valley Sale; Henrietta 2819, the $13,000 selection of Seagraves Angus and Betzold Farms in the 2013 Deer Valley Sale; Henrietta Pri 3063 selling to Sundberg Farms in the 2013 Spruce Mountain Sale; and Henrietta 48501 selected by Volunteer Farms in the 2016 Deer Valley Sale.

Has a 8/11/16 heifer calf, Lot 12A, by WR Journey-1X74.

Has a 9/13/15 heifer, Lot 12B, by JMB Traction 292.

Bred 2/4/17 to EXAR Hi-Tech 4769B, exposed 2/13/17 to 3/14/17 to EXAR Hi-Tech 4769B.