EPF Lady 6618

EPF Lady 6618
Birth Date: 9-8-2016
Cow +18689032

Lady 3724 (mother of Lady 6618) is an outstanding young female from the heart of the Edisto Pines program and she blends the MB and $B sire, Ten X with a dam combining the RE sire, Complete and the legendary female sire, EXT with the $110,000 Whitestone Farm and Tanner Farms donor, Lady 2P61.

Lady 3724 posts a BR 1@98 and a WR 1@103. The dam of Lot 13 shows ultrasound ratios IMF 2@142 and REA 2@104 while stemming from the breed’s top feed efficiency female, Ideal 4465.

Has a 9/8/16 heifer calf, Lot 13A, by WR Journey-1X74.

Bred 2/3/17 to Basin Payweight 1682, exposed 2/13/17 to 3/14/17 to EXAR Hi-Tech 4769B.