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The American Kennel Club first recognized German shorthaired pointers in 1930, and the breed has gained a wide reputation as a great all-around hunting dog.

The breed originated with the German bird dog, which was crossed with scent hounds as well as track and trail dogs so the dog could perform a variety of tasks. At some point, English pointers were introduced to the line for elegance, and you can't deny the good looks of German shorthaired pointers.

My own history of raising dogs goes back to my boyhood when I hunted in the North Carolina mountains with my grandfather. He raised Brittany spaniels, setters, English pointers and, of course, German shorthaired pointers, which I always favored because they are easy to train and have a mild temperament.

While we joke at Edisto Pines that our dogs are "employees," we really consider them part of our family.