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Our pups start their training at 6 weeks old. We place them in a small pen with a live quail to see if they are interested, or what we call "birdy." The majority of the time, they will point the bird and then try to catch it. We then start working on the "Whoa" command.

"Whoa" and "Come" are the two most important commands, in our opinion. A dog that won't come to you or stop when you tell it to stop is not going to be a good hunting companion. Once these two commands are established, we start working on retrieving, which comes naturally to them.

Since we have a lot of water on Edisto Pines, it is important that our pups retrieve as well in the water as they do on land. German shorthaired pointers have been bred to be natural hunters, which makes for easy training. We offer three levels:
  • Started Dogs
  • Experienced Dogs
  • Gun Dogs
In the past, we have taken clients hunting with our trained pups that are 4-5 months old and are as solid as any experienced dog.

If you are interested in purchasing a German Shorthaired puppy, visit our German Shorthaired Puppy page.