Rita 2C20 of 5F56 Complete

Rita 2C20 of 5F56 Complete
Birth Date: 11-30-2011
Cow +17189376

Rita 2C20 is a powerful and proven daughter of the $3 million producer and featured matriarch of the Woodside Farms program, Rita 5F56 and is sired by the proven source of RE genetics, Complete.

Rita 2C20 records a WR 2@101 and a YR 1@101. The dam of Lot 4 posts a BR 2@90, a WR 2@100 and a YR 1@103 while showing ultrasound ratios IMF 75@108 and REA 75@105 with 36 daughters maintaining a combined WR 72@102.

Maternal siblings to Lot 4 include: Rita 3607, the $210,000 valued half interest selection of Deer Valley Farm through the record-setting 2014 BoBo Angus Sale; Rita 4200, the $200,000 valued half interest selection of Express Ranches as the top-selling female of the 2014 Spruce Mountain Ranch Sale; Rita 9Q15, the $140,000 top-selling female selected by Riverbend Ranch; ; Rita 3431, the $110,000 valued fourth high-valued open heifer of the 2014 Vintage Angus Sale selling half interest to Deer Valley Farm; Rita 3449, the $69,000 top-selling open heifer selected by Gabriel Ranches; Rita 4410, the $49,000 top-selling baby heifer calf selected by Deer Valley Farm; Rita 4119, the $40,000 feature selected by Vintage Angus Ranch; Rita 0M3, the former Edisto Pines donor whose daughters sell as Lots 6A through 6D.

Bred 2/4/17 to EXAR Hi-Tech 4769B, exposed 2/13/17 to 3/14/17 to EXAR Hi-Tech 4769B.