EPF Rita 6656

EPF Rita 6656
Birth Date: 9-2-2016
Cow +18689038

Rita 6656 is a tremendous multi-trait donor prospect sired by the Express
Ranches, Turner Meadow and Basin Angus sire, Journey and was produced by the $50,000 Number 9 $B proven dam, Rita 9Q24.

The dam of Lot 3 joined the Edisto Pines and Deer Valley Farm joint embryo programs as the top-selling donor of the 2015 Three Trees Ranch Sale and is a direct daughter of the $3 million producer, Rita 5F56. Rita 9Q24 records ultrasound ratios IMF 7@103 and REA 7@107 while two daughters maintain a combined WR 2@102. Full siblings to the dam of Lot 3 include: the $140,000 top-selling selection of the 2015 Woodside Sale, Rita 9Q15 now anchoring the Riverbend Ranch donor program; Rito 9Q13, the longtime breed RE and $B leader; and the low-birth $B sire, Rito 9Q20.

Pregnancies from the dam of Lot 3 have headlined the Edisto Pines and Deer Valley Sales and include: the $25,000, the $23,000 and the $15,000 selections of Spruce Mountain Ranch.